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New Beginnings Ministries, Inc.

"Breaking The Chains of Addiction"

Rebuilding lives. Strengthening communities. Restoring hope.

Discover a New Life, Free of Drugs, through Jesus Christ!!!

A Faith-based, inhouse recovery program designed to Help You become Drug-Free

Break the chains of drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ. New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is located in Brewton, Alabama. We offer a Christ-Centered approach to substance abuse recovery. Let the healing begin when you visit our clinic today.

New Arrival Process

Don't let drugs steal away another second of your life; visit New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center today.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is to provide a structured environment for alcoholics and addicts to overcome the powerful and devastating disease of addiction. We seek to provide a faith-based, inhouse recovery program at little cost that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual growth and allows for complete restoration and wholeness of the addict so that he or she will become a productive citizen to the community as well as to the family.

The Recovery Process

We have 5 groups a day to help you grow spiritually and regain control of your life. Our programs range from 90 days all the way up to 1 year. After completion of Phase 1 of our program (90 days), you have the option to move into Phase 2. (A structured living environment and you will be able to work and learn to live in freedom.) We will keep you here until you feel fit to leave—we'll never kick you out.

Take Your First Steps Towards Recovery

The first part of recovery is a series of actions that you undertake. These actions are very simple, yet powerful in the sense that they lead to a Spiritual Awakening in you as well as profound changes within you. The actions are tasks such as working each of the 12 steps in a Christian 12-step program, engaging in prayer and meditation on a daily basis, participating in fellowship with other people in recovery, e.g., via Recovery Groups, and attending a Christian church and a Christian Bible Study on a regular basis.

Embrace the Profound Changes

The second part of recovery consists of the profound changes that occur in you as a result of these simple actions that you undertake. These actions result in a marked change in the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act. The changes constitute a transformation of both your mind and your personality.

Learn to Love Life Again

The third part of recovery is the result that you obtain from the actions that you undertook and the changes they produced in you. Some of these results are being drug-free, having a relationship with God, being happy, being free, no longer living in fear, having a positive relationship with your family, having financial security, being a productive part of your community, etc.

Resources Available to assist client

•Opportunity to obtain GED through GED courses at Reid State Community College

•Opportunities to learn to read or improve reading skills through the literacy program at the Brewton Library

•Dental: Tri-County Medical/Dental ($40/visit)

•Opportunities to obtain Driver's license and/or identification card, or Social Security which are necessary items to get a job

•Classes on "How to write a resume?" and "Job interview Dos and Don'ts"

•Life Skills Series through Hope Place Family Resource Center

◦Identifying Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

◦Time Management

◦Money Management