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"Breaking The Chains of Addiction"

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New Beginnings Ministries / Recovery Program

The Permanent Keys of Recovery

A Faith-based, inhouse recovery program designed to Help You become Drug-Free


Remember, never have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. However, recovery is an on-going and life-long process. All the previous actions not only must be faithfully performed, they must also be faithfully continued on an on-going basis in order to keep the gift of sobriety and the results that have been given to you.



The following are the core principles, or the permanent keys of recovery. If you earnestly and faithfully do each and every one of the following activities, I, we, and the Grace of God will guarantee that you will continue to stay clean and sober for as long as you do so.

1. Engage in Prayer, Bible Reading and Meditation on a Daily Basis

2. Join a Church and a Bible Study and Attend Each Weekly

3. Join a Christian 12-Step Program and Attend 3 Times a Week

4. Work the Christian 12 Steps with a Sponsor

5. Have an Accountability Partner and Talk with Them Regularly