"Breaking The Chains of Addiction"

Rebuilding lives. Strengthening communities. Restoring hope.

There is Hope at New Beginnings.

Break the vicious cycle of drug or alcohol addiction with the helping hands of our friendly staff. At New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center, you are not a number, but an individual who has chosen to receive help and we'll assist you in whatever way possible. We form relationships with each individual and guide them through the long road to recovery. We are here to help!

We Understand Your Pain

The owner of New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center was a crack addict for 15 years. He understands what you are going through and is here to help you recover every step of the way. He developed a passion to help other addicts and alcoholics going through drug recovery.

A Caring Place with Friendly Faces

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is where the hurting stops and the healing begins. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience with substance abuse recovery and will do everything in our power to put you on the road to wellness. Turn to our friendly, caring staff to get over your drug or alcohol addiction today.

New Beginnings Ministries, Inc.

It's Time For GOD'S People to Declare War on Drugs